Temp Service Software

Temp Service Software

Connecting Temporary staff with employers looking for extra help. As an employer you will have access to all the employees you need without having to pay the outrages prices charged by your local staffing agencies. You will be able to find that temp within minutes as our system will connect you to all registered employees with the qualification you require.

Employer Features


Place your Job Offer with the skills you require, the wage you offer, the location of the job site, the start and finish times, the break duration and rather they are paid or non-paid breaks and hit submit. Our system does the rest.

The system will match a local employee to the skills and requirements you have requested. The job offer is in place. The employee now sees your offer explaining what you require as a description of the job. The employee accepts the offer (You get the employees name and phone number with a confirmation from the system saying this employee accepted the job offer and will show up at confirmed time and location of your offer.

The employee shows up at your job site at the time you requested (NEXT SCHEDULED SHIFT). The employee starts their timer (TSS Patent Pending Platform) and it records the GPS for confirmation they are on the job. They go on break and click "Start Break' GPS reading, the employee gets a warning sound at 5 minutes to end break, they get another warning message when the break is done and they press "Stop Break" GPS reading.

At the end of the shift the employee clicks "End Timer" and this is the last GPS reading.

If the employee is late by more then 5 minutes or early more then 5 minutes for starting or ending the shift, the manager will receive a text (SMS) message asking for the approval of the manager so the timer can start/stop for the requested time.

The employee receives text messages advising not to be late for their scheduled shift first thing in the day and again 1 hour prior to the shift start. NO More Lates due to forgetting.

If the employer needs to change the schedule of the employee, the employee will be notified and has to accept the change. Now no excuses the employee did not know of the schedule change.

If the employee needs a day off for sickness or any last minute notice, they text "Need Off" and the system auto removes them from the next shift. If you as the employer allows replacements, then you can have the system auto search and offer the shift to your own direct employees and or the general public. All this is automatic and allows the employer to always have someone filling the required shifts.

Direct Hires

Employers, put all your direct employees on the system and everything will work for them as well.

ALL HIRES TEMPS OR DIRECT are your employees. Temp Service International is NOT a temp service, we are the direct connection between employees and employers.


Employer, receives payroll reports auto at the end of your pay period. The employer can also search reports for any date range for any or all employees at any time. Employers have their own personal account manager and can request our Call Centre to input job offers at no extra charge. Online, Email and Phone Support.

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Join Temp Service Software at no charge.
Must use our software to track your working hours for this service to be free.

  • Work only the hours you want.
  • List the minimum wage you will accept.
  • Looking for full or part time work?
  • No more employers saying “THEY DIDN’T AUTHORIZE OVERTIME”, as they authorize it or your time stop at the end of schedule.
  • Receive email notification 1 hour prior to your shift.
  • Receive notification of shift change or cancelation.
  • View you’re worked hours at a glance, right on your smart phone. In App, real time up to the second.

Agency Platform

  • Electronic time card with GPS tracking
  • Electronic client job orders
  • Electronic job placement for your direct employees or search our public database for qualified and verified employees
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Electronic payroll hours calculations
  • Plus More


TSS Patent Pending Software gives the employee a way of tracking their personal job offers. As the Agency submits a job offer, the system will match qualifications that the client is requesting. The qualified employee will receive an SMS message, an email and notification in our app right on their phone.

The employee accepts the offer and then gets confirmation and the address to report to.

The employee shows up for work and clicks their start time to report in.

The employee starts their 15 minute break, (or whatever break time is set) GPS reading is taken. 5 minutes before the end of the employees break they get a 5 minute WARNING SOUND. Then again at the end of break. Employee clicks END BREAK. GPS reading is taken.

All hours are tracked and recorded, both in the employees application and on our server in your Agency Account.


When an agency takes a job order from their client, they would input the order with the P.O. # into your job offer section.

Job offers are linked to the client's profile.


  • With all the employees hours tracked.
  • With all job offers matched to your client.
  • With all late, early arrivals and overtime approved on the spot by your client's job supervisors/managers.

Our system will auto invoice your client on the predetermined dates.


Receive your payroll hours of every employee by complete staff, by client or by client's job location in EXCEL, CVS, PDF or plain copy for your agency portal.


If your employee is early/late for work by 5 minutes or more, they click their timer but the job supervisor must approve their timer to start.

This is done by a simple approval by SMS.

Same with overtime hours ‐ No More fighting with the client about overtime, when the employee works overtime they will need an approval from the onsite supervisor again by SMS.

ANY SCHEDULE CHANGES Employee is notified and must accept changes by SMS/Email/App or Employee Portal.

SMS REMINDERS All employees receive an 8 hour and 1 hour prior to start alert ‐ "No More I Forgot" or "I Didn't Know".

If your agency requires any other add-on we encourage all requests.