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This Agreement is between Temp Service Software hereinafter called “T.S.S” and with it's main office located at in the City of in the Province/State of in the Country of with a mailing address of Postal/Zip Contact name: Email Address: Phone number Hereinafter called “The Company”.


  1. The Company Agrees that they will hire Temp Staff through T.S.S Network and by doing so agrees that all staff hired through T.S.S Network will be the sole responsibilities of the Company.
  2. The Company will pay directly to all staff hired through the T.S.S. Network and will treat them as Temporary Staff.
  3. The Company agrees to use the T.S.S tracking system for all employees hired through the T.S.S Network for the purpose of electronic time clock of said staff and for calculating any monies that may be due to T.S.S.
  4. The Company will abide by ALL Health and Safety Regulations for the area they are in.
  5. The Company will keep enough funds in their account with T.S.S to cover all monies due to T.S.S from time to time. The Company gives Authorization to T.S.S to Debit the credit card on file should there not be enough funds in their account. Should the credit Card be declined for any reason there will be a $100.00 administration fee charge to the account.
  6. The Company acknowledges that should their account with T.S.S becomes at a $10.00 limit and the credit card supplied is declined, that the Companies account will be suspended and no further use of the T.S.S Network or electronic time card or access to the system will be allowed until such times as the balance is above $50.00. A minimum of $50.00 should be kept in the account at all time.
  7. The Company holds T.S.S. Network T,S.S., it's mother companies Weiser Agencies Ltd and Temp Service International, all employees of such, all Directors, All Shareholders and anyone associated with them harmless of all legal action from any sort that may arise from the use of the T.S.S Network ( Temp Service Software).
  8. The Company agree that T.S.S. is not responsible for any Temporary staff hire through the Network in any way whatsoever other then a free replacement if a complaint is submitted within 24 hours of first hire.


  1. T.S.S. Will do our dudiligence to screen all users of our Network.
  2. T.S.S. Will perform background checks before any new user is approved for hire. All users will have a confirmed work history otherwise no history will be stated on their qualifications
  3. T.S.S. Will permit a resubmit of any job at no charge should the employee no be of satisfactory performance as long as the Company submits this request within 24 hrs from first hire.
  4. T.S.S will do it's best to keep their Network functional at all time but do not guarantee such.
  5. T.S.S will perform regular upgrades to the Network and the applications used by everyone on the Network.
  6. T.S.S, T.S.S Network, it's mother companies, Weiser Agencies Ltd and Temp Service International, all employees of such, all Directors, All Shareholders and anyone associated with them, harmless of all legal action from any sort, that may arise from the use of the T.S.S Network ( Temp Service Software). T.S.S is not responsible for any damages that may be caused from the use of our network.

Customer will defend and indemnify T.S.S for costs T.S.S may incur under the applicable employment labour and employment laws (including termination or severance pay) with respect to the termination of Staff hired through the T.S.S Network by the Customer arising from (a) Customer’s failure to provide the requisite written advance notice under Section 12 A.(2), or any other reason. Other. Notices, or communications required by this Agreement must be in writing and mailed (including electronic transmission) or faxed to the person indicated in the signature block below. Nothing in this Agreement makes T.S.S an agent, partner or joint venture of Customer. The laws of the Province of Alberta and applicable federal laws of Canada will govern this Agreement. Neither party will be responsible for failure or delay under this Agreement because of force majeure events or other causes beyond its control. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement. Any delay or waiver by a party to declare a breach or seek any remedy available to it under this Agreement or by law will not constitute a waiver as to any past or future breaches or remedies. This Agreement (including any attachments) contains all of the terms between Customer and T.S.S. Modifications to this Agreement must be in writing signed and dated by both parties or posted in the Companies account or emailed to the address listed in the Companies Email Address section of this agreement. Forms that may be used by the parties in their relationship such as purchase orders, time cards, and invoice recitals will not supersede, supplement, modify, or control this Agreement. The Parties declare that they have requested, and hereby confirm their request, that this Agreement be drafted in the English language. Les parties déclarent qu’elles ont exigé, et par les présentes, confirment leur demande que ce contrat soit rédigé en anglais.